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We can provide assistance throughout every stage of your campaign. Whether you’re a seasoned crowdfunding expert or complete novice, we can help you to achieve success.

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Why Choose Us

Whilst other crowdfunding promotions companies use a scattergun approach, posting about their customers’ crowdfunding project on social media and sending out press releases in the hope of a response, we leverage longstanding journalistic connections and relationships with online influencers. We offer the following as part of our service: 

Social marketing campaign that typically drives a minimum of 5,000 clicks to your crowdfunding-platform page.

Targeted media campaign aimed at publications, TV channels and radio shows that are directly relevant to your project.

Adverts sent out via a specialist mailing list targeted towards the profile that is most likely to fund your project.

Dedicated salesman who identifies and directly contacts potential backers.

Press release distributed to 1,000 media contacts via a newswire service.

Guerrilla marketing campaign that uses online communities that are relevant to your project to generate grassroots support.

Guaranteed coverage for your campaign from at least 50 different publications.

Established PR Professionals

Our team consists of PR professionals with experience in a wide variety of different areas, meaning that we can harness expertise and contacts that are specific to the topic of your campaign. We don’t blindly send pitches to any publication that could potentially be interested like other crowdfunding PR companies do; this is not an effective strategy, and in our opinion does not constitute a genuine PR service.

Intimate Knowledge of Social Media

Our social-media experts know which platforms are best suited for use in drumming up support for your campaign and the optimum means of using them. We take a plethora of different factors into consideration when deciding how to go about spreading the word about it on social networking sites, including the demographics of those who are most likely to fund it, your deadline and the precise nature of your project.

Constant Communication

We send updates on the progress of your campaign and endeavor to respond to queries from both potential future customers and existing customers as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and the transparency of our processes.

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